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Get Paid to Write Articles

Get paid to write articles, work from home!

Sure it’s a glamorous life. You wake up at the crack of noon, while sipping coffee still in your PJ’s you whip up some creative content, publish – and BAM – you just made $200. What will you do with the rest of your day?

Is it really that easy? No of course not, don’t be a sucker. Anything worth doing takes effort and persistence. Making $200 in the first hour of your day is possible, but it takes some skills to get to that point. Read on if you’d like to learn how to get paid to write online.

Get Paid to Write – Basic Necessities

You must write well — no you don’t need no fancy degree. In fact, your grammar can be just as poor as what you are reading now. The key is that you must convey a message that resonates with your audience. How do you do that? Well…if you cannot connect with people through writing, you may want to consider an alternative income – writing for cash may not be for you.

You need a Paypal account. We don’t like to send fist fulls of cash through the mail, so sign up for Paypal.

You must be able to find and convince web site owners that they should accept your content. This is what makes you valuable. There are billions of sites on the web, can you find a few hundred authoritative sites that want to publish your stuff? For the site owners, it’s free content. You get paid by us – not them.

You must be able to create an anchor text link. This is really simple – but the key to it is this: your content must appeal to the site you are publishing on — but the link may take some creative thinking. So let’s say you’ve lined up a ‘how-to’ site that wants your content. The link you need to place is “aquarium”. The site owner wants a basic coffee table building guide. At some point in the article you would need to use the word aquarium: “Your table will be sturdy, but don’t do something silly like placing a 200 gallon aquarium on it!”

How much can I make writing articles?

I donno, that depends on you. Could you make $10,000/mo? Yeah, sure – but none of our writers do. Many do make $200 for a single article, but you would need to line up a high traffic, high authority site for a placement that pays over $100. Are you so damn good that you could publish on CNN or similar authoritative news sites — you could get thousands for a single placement. On average, our writers place articles that generate $30 to $80 for a placement. Put 10-20 hours of work into this every week and you would have a nice income stream in the range of a couple thousand a month.

Are you thinking “I can do all that! What’s my next step to get paid to write articles?”

Easy, get some published content online. You can submit to Triond, Associated Content, Ezine Articles, or millions of other blogs/sites — I don’t really care. The point is that I want you to demonstrate that you know how to publish content online and I want to read your content. So if you think you’ve got what it takes – publish something, then email me some links to your content.

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