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Keeping Your Blog Community Clean

A true guest posting service that deals in guest blogging offers packages that contain certain elements. Trusted sources offering quality links that allow you the value that you are looking for is only the first step.


How Do They Do It?


Your service will need to do the following: guest posting promoted across social networks and the web; ensuring correct links and live posts by following up with publication and blogs, such as Winston Deloney; verification that they are meeting all necessary requirements make sure that the target blog receives the submitted content; their writing staff must submit blog exclusive written content previously agreed upon; collaborate on preferred publishable content; reach out to media targets for guest post targets; identify publishers, blogs and guest post targets that are highly valued; consider your business area and your site content and investigate niche blogs. You could write your own stuff, of course, but won’t you be busy enough trying to monitor comments and outbound links from posters in order to prevent search engine punishment?


Facebook Jumps On Board The Censorship Wagon


Facebook has now decided to curtail its users from posting comments, which it considers to be inappropriate or irrelevant. Seriously? I’m not really sure how much relevant information I’ve ever actually seen on Facebook. They tell us that it is for the protection of those who share and connect on Facebook. And from what I understand it’s all done through some type of automated service. No more malware, no more spam, no more ‘bad actors’. (What?) Reportedly, if your post doesn’t meet the standards for “contribut(ing) to (a) post in a positive (manner)” you receive an error message. What next? The Twitter Police? Granted, you don’t want to face unnecessary penalties because of someone else’s comments, but censorship? Maybe we could get a 3-4 second delay set up like they had to during the Super Bowl airings due to that nasty old wardrobe malfunction.



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Personally I derive great pleasure paging through my You Tube postings on a regular basis just to delete the unwanted comments. BAM—you’re history! It’s an amazing power rush.

Tools to Help You Work from Home

The beauty of being self-employed is I don’t have to leave my house and if I don’t want to. I consider my computer in my pajamas and slippers with a cup of coffee on its little warming plate with my hair all disheveled and no one cares. Thus is the beauty of working from home. That said however…

Be Careful What You Ask For

Web conferencing has made it possible to have meetings with people around the world, face-to-face, over the Internet. This is an awesome opportunity for someone to work out of their home and still be able to carry on business on an international level. And as preferable as it is to be face to face with a client or business partner you have to remember that should you show up for your video conference dressed in a manner that I described above it may not move go over as well as it used to when you simply spoke over the phone. They can see you now–and you can see them. Presentation is, as they say, everything; so keep that in mind as you prepare for your video conference.

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The Lazy Boy Recliner Or The Home Office?

Another thing to keep in mind as well as your own personal appearance is the appearance of your surroundings. Having a video conference from your recliner is an appealing thought, but your laptop camera doesn’t just see your face; it sees your face and what is behind you. A professional setting, or at the very least a faux professional setting in the background, is far preferable to the cat coming across the top of your chair or the sound of the football game from the big screen TV in the living room. That’s right, background noises will be picked up as well as what is viewable in your background. This means that if your kids are yelling or the dogs are barking in the background you probably should find a separate room in which to do your conference.

Is having a web meeting from the comforts of your home a positive advancement in business and social technology? Yes it is. As with most things you simply have to be careful how you use it.

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The Many Wonderful Uses of an RV

RVs are wonderful when you want to travel but did you know that RVs have other great uses?

An Economical Way to Use Your RV

An RV can be useful if you are building your home or if someone in your family is building a home and needs a temporary place to stay until their home is finished. Having your RV on your future home property will save you time, money and aggravation. And, should you or someone in your family need temporary housing, what a convenience and lifesaver your RV will be! You will have the amenities of a regular home—kitchen, living room, bathroom and of course, a TV and other electronics.

How about Full Time RV Traveling?

Let’s say that you’re tired of where you’re living and are thinking of keeping and living in your RV, permanently. May sound strange and undoable, but there are some who have committed to this way of living and are enjoying their RV full-time. If you choose this way of living, you will be able to enjoy your RV full time and not have the expense, worry and high-maintenance of your home.

Using an RV for Emergencies

When an emergency occurs such as a natural disaster or a major crisis, most of us have to depend on the kindness and help of social agencies, friends or family. But RV owners have a great advantage because they have shelter and provisions right inside their camper. With an RV you and your family can rustle up emergency and personal items, get inside your RV and safely exit to another location.

RVs for Seniors

RVs for seniors can be a great way for them to get out and see sights that they have never seen before. For those seniors who have an interest in RVs but have little or no experience, talking with a friend or neighbor or checking out various RVs in their location, may help them decide on an RV that will work for them. In addition, seniors could purchase a used RV and rent their home, until they make a decision. There are many places on or offline that can help seniors with this decision. For mobility issues, visit Great American Scooters.
It’s easy to see the many advantages of owning an RV. So, check out your local RV dealer and see if one can fit your needs.

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Magically Mommy: Becoming the Mother You Thought Y...

If your mother passed away while you were still a child, and you’ve become accustomed to the pain of missing her – you are in for a wonderful surprise, because when you become a mother yourself, all of her nurturing skills seem to come right out of you. That’s the magic of motherhood!

How it will feel

Suddenly, you will notice your hands becoming softer, your voice becoming sweeter, your eyes becoming wider… suddenly you will feel yourself holding your baby the same way your mother was holding you, and you will look in the mirror and see how she’s still there, with you, in every touch you give your child, in every word spoken and expressions shown.
Maybe in other moments of your life, you have begged just to hear her voice one more time, just to get some advice from her on what you should do – but now you’re really hearing it – all these things are coming out of you. You’re going to begin doing all the things she did for you without even thinking about it – it will just come naturally. If your mother always provided you with a beautiful bedroom, for example; before you know it, your time will be consumed by picking out colors and bedspreads for your children too. Or choosing clothing, such as boy’s suits for church.
And when your children are misbehaving, your mother’s stern voice will come out too, and you’ll discipline them and laugh at them, just the way your mother would do. And at night, you’ll rock your babies, and read them the same stories she read to you. It’s a little magic of motherhood to see how your mother was never gone very far away from you.

There may be…

There may be sentimental tears, or a look of wonder on your face, when you realize how naturally it feels to take her place – to become to someone else what she always was to you – and to not need to ask her for her help, or miss her smile, because she exists inside of you. Every touch you give your baby, every smile that you flash, everything you do to protect them, every time you play with them and laugh – the best things about your mother are alive and passing through – and one day, your little babies will be passing on these things from you.
So if you have lost your mother, look forward to motherhood with delight. It’s a time in which the missing-her lapses, and parts of her come back to life.

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Communication Is One Key To Successful Freelancing

When you decide to start a career as a freelancer it’s always very important that you stay completely connected with all of the people that are interested in your services. You always need to be sure that you have access to the Internet and your e-mail 24/7. In order to stay connected to the Internet you need to be sure you have a top-of-the-line phone, so you never miss any phone calls or e-mails. This is very important especially if you have just started doing a new advertising and marketing campaign. If you are on a limited budget, but you plan on purchasing an iPhone that is locked then that is a great idea because you are saving money and you are also going to be able to download several applications that will help you with your freelancing business.

Purchasing Your Locked iPhone

Never worry when you purchase an iPhone that is locked. All you need to do is get online and visit You will find some amazing results and you also find all of the information you are looking for and you will be able to start using your iPhone for your freelancing business.

Gaining New Clients

The next very important step in order to have a successful freelancing business is to get as many clients and customers as possible. You need to be sure that you are on all of the social media sites and you are very active because you want to show potential clients and customers that you are serious about your business and that you are very active online. You should always update all of your social media sites on a regular basis especially if you have a huge group of people following you. Another thing you need to be sure you are working on all the time is your personal website. You need people to understand that you are professional and that you are trying to build a new client database.

Freelancing can be very hard especially if you are competing in a very tough market. You should always be as professional as possible and always try to network where you can. Referrals are another great way to gain new business so you should always offer some type of special if you get a referral from another person.


Choosing a Japanese Name to Honor Your Child’s Her...

There are a variety of unique baby names for your new little one.  People select names for varying reasons.  If you are sentimental, you might want to choose a name that honors your heritage and commemorates where you came from.  If you are Japanese, make sure to honor your heritage properly with a Japanese name.


Family History


It can be difficult to come up with the right name without a little research.  One of the best places to start is with your own family.  Look back through your family history.  Determine if there are any names you like.  These names are all great ideas for your child.  Most likely they are Japanese names since they are members of your Japanese family.  If you do not have access to your family tree, ask your mother or father.




In addition to your family history, you can find Japanese names online.  There are many sites that focus on name origin.  You can go to a generic name site and find Japanese names.  Or you can look for a site that focuses solely on Japanese names.  In addition, you might find it helpful to look through Japanese name websites.  Keep in mind that many of these sites will be in Japanese.  If you don’t read Japanese, try using an online translator to determine what the name should sound like in your home area.




Finally, make sure to evaluate the name meaning.  Nearly all names have a meaning attached.  You can use these meanings to help you narrow down your name selections.  Most likely you will want a name that means something to you.  This makes it more special and will help you honor your Japanese heritage properly.  There are books and websites that can help you determine the meaning of names.  This will make it easy to determine which name is best for you.


A name is important.  Do not overlook this important aspect for your new child.  Instead, take the time to choose a name with meaning that will properly honor your Japanese heritage.   This name will mean a lot to your family.

Food Writing Requires Hands on Experience

Writing food articles at one time was a job for people in the industry, however the demand for these specialized articles has decreased in time and now many articles about food are found on personal blogs.  Writing a blog is basically writing about the things you do, ideas and tips on a blog are diverse.  On a food blog the writer will offer recipes, food buying tips, and plenty of other related information.  A blog, food or otherwise is usually a reflection of the writers’ passion.  Being able to write effectively enough to covey their passion to the reader is a learned process.  You can actually teach yourself how to write by practicing.  Repetition is the key to success, not repetition of one article, but writing everyday will result in better writing.  It may not happen overnight, but if you write every day, for four to six days at least a couple of hours each day, you will see improvement in your writing skill.


Writing Food Articles


Perhaps in your search for a how to make banana bread recipe after reading several blogs you thought, I can do that, a business venture might result from this experience.  Writing food articles used to be very exclusionary, but with the emergence of blogs on the internet a competitive arena has resulted.  Most blogs not only write about food, they offer recipes they have tried, and work to build an audience, followers of their food blog.  Many sites not only offer written material, but also food photography.  When you look through a cookbook it’s the food pictures that lure you to read the recipe and perhaps try a new dish.  Writers make their money from the advertisers that pay to reach a particular audience and so the more alluring your site the more potential for making money.


Doing Your Homework


Anyone can write a blog, but it must be able to capture an audience, so the more you know about a subject the more informative and relative your articles will be to the reader.  You want the reader to return for more ideas and information.  If you are writing a food blog it should be eclectic, diverse, but the writer should also be knowledgeable, be acquainted with the foods they write about, experience them yourself.

Write What You Know—Financially

Some successful writers say you should always write about what you know in order to have a hit publication. The same may be said for your financial projects. In these uncertain economic times it becomes increasingly important to know where and how your money is being spent. We need to keep an even closer eye on spending and cutting down on things we absolutely just don’t need. No one really knows where our economic climate may take us so it’s doubly important to do what we can to be prepared.


When you’re thinking about either revamping or setting up a home or personal budget, be as thorough as you can. The more you document of how you spend your money the more efficiently you can maintain a budget. We tend to throw away more money on seemingly insignificant items in our lives, but sometimes they get to the point of adding up to quite a tidy sum. Little pleasures like everyday meals out or coffee drinks…look for alternatives to expensive guilty pleasures. They can add up quickly.

Financial Profile

In your financial profile, make sure you look toward the future when listing income and expenses. Changes in lifestyle or family members coming or going; these can all affect how your financial picture shapes up. If you have a home business, make sure you are properly documenting the space allocated for your office and any expenses you may incur while running your business. All of this will come very handy at tax time and also if you need to speak with a money lender; the more you have documented on spending and expenses, the easier it will be to get financing to expand or add office supplies or tools for your business to grow.